“I lost all the baby weight and more in only 6 months!!”

Mina Penna has changed my life!!  I was pregnant and wanted to avoid putting too much weight on during my pregnancy, so I started consulting Mina.  The truth is who not helped me stay motivated and healthy during 9 months but she is the only reason why I lost all of the baby weight and more in only 6 months!!  Mina always had a simple solution for me and my busy lifestyle.  I never felt like I was on a diet!!  My only regret is not to need her anymore.  ;)  More seriously, on top of being a great professional, she is also a great person.  Thank you Mina for all your help!

— Jimena F.

“Helped closed diastasis recti gap and with c-section recovery.”

Mina is a wonderful coach.  I came to her struggling to close a diastasis recti gap that went from a full fist width (online MuTu helped to close it to 3 fingers) but I struggled with a busy schedule and needing more one on one to keep me on track.  In came Mina!  She helped close it to a one-ish inch gap and helped to strengthen my core and, strangely enough, it wasn't on our goal list but my work with her helped with overall c section healing.  Great coach and wonderful person.  Post-partum recovery can feel like a lonely and hard struggle sometimes.  Having Mina in your court is a game changer!

— Ashley N.

“We worked through all the inhibitors and enablers of good health...I'm eternally grateful.”

I guess most people would call Mina a health coach, but I found her to be invaluable as a life coach.  She advised me on diet and exercise, but we also worked through all of the inhibitors and enablers of good health that go way beyond meal and workout times.  She helped me make changes slowly but surely, and helped me reframe how I think about health and its importance in my life.  I'm eternally grateful to her, her patience, her thoughtfulness and persistence.  I would recommend her unhesitatingly.

— Leigh S.

“Working with Mina has made it so easy to make healthy changes.”

I can't say enough about Mina Penna.  The thing is, I am actually a relatively fit and healthy person.  But like so many others, I often look at those in better shape or wonder about those around me who seem to able to really focus well on great eating.  Mina has some magic power that has it so easy to make healthy changes.  Seriously no judgement, lots of laughs and simple, simple steps that start to change the way you approach yourself and your health.  As a very busy exec with a family - a little time with Mina goes a long way.  A massage is one way to pamper yourself - but it only lasts as long as you are on the table.  Mina helps you take care of yourself everyday.  So very grateful and recommend highly.

— Ilya W. 

“Mina gave me the tools I needed to reduce the stress in my life.”

I feel very fortunate to have been able to work with Mina.  Mina is knowledgeable and was enthusiastic about giving me the tools and encouragement I needed to reduce the stress I was experiencing so that I could enjoy a happier and healthier life.  She helped me develop realistic goals that I was able to meet and continue following on a long term basis.  Mina guided me not only on reducing stress, but also on nutrition, exercise and overall well-being.  I highly recommend Mina to anyone looking to make positive changes in their life.

— Rena K.

“Working with Mina to improve my health and wellness has been amazing!”

Working with Mina to improve my health and wellness has been amazing.  I have problems staying focused and easily get overwhelmed with all of the health info being thrown at me from the media, family and friends.  It's great to have Mina there to not only provide encouragement and direction, but have an open ear for all my questions.

— Stephanie R.