love your core again

Pre & Postnatal Core Restoration Programs

Do you get frustrated when people ask "When's the baby due?"  Do you pee a little every time you sneeze?  Do you feel like you still look 3 months pregnant?  Has your core never been the same after your C section?  Or do you just want to fit back into those pre-pregnancy jeans?  You're not alone!

 A very common reason why women feel all the of the above is diastasis recti and a malfunctioning pelvic floor.  Diastasis recti is a condition where during pregnancy your abs separate so much and your connective tissue between your abs becomes so thin that when you have the baby, your abs never fully come back together.  This can cause your organs to push against the thin connective tissue and make you look pregnant, give you digestive distress, and/or back pain.  This coupled with a weak pelvic floor can be frustrating for any new or veteran mom.  Know that you don't have to live with this!!  

Mina is a Certified MuTu Pro.  She has been trained by Wendy Powell creator and founder of the MuTu System, a global awarding winning program to help women close the diastasis gap, improve pelvic floor function and overall improve total physical health.  Each program incorporates healthy and effective ways to strengthen your core in the correct way.    

The end result of each program.... overall body confidence and a functioning body so you can play with your little one for years to come!


Initial Assessment: $97

Only one-on-one coaching is offered now. Private coaching is at $127/session.

All rates are for sessions in Hoboken or via phone. Please contact me for rates in other locations.


Feeling liberated because I don't pee myself anymore!

“For years (since my first son) I've been struggling with incontinence, sometimes so badly that after I sneezed, I would need to jump in the shower.  I can happily say that after doing core restoration work with Mina, I can sneeze, laugh and run all without fear of wetting myself!  It is liberating!”

— Ellen C.

Closed my diastasis gap!

“I struggled with a 4 finger diastisis and I worked with Mina Penna who is well versed in closing a diastisis (with her i got it down to less than a finger's width). She helped me enormously and was wonderfully supportive. I highly recommend her!”

 — Ashley N.

Fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes & lift my son with ease!

“After my C section, I my sitting too long in the same position hurt my incision and was generally uncomfortable for my stomach, my balance was terrible and I had trouble picking up my older son.  With the core restoration work that I've done with Mina, I can now pick up and carry my 35lb son with ease and feel good in my own skin...not to mention fitting back into my pre-pregnancy clothes!”

 — Jen S.