small steps make big changes

Wellness & Nutrition Coaching

Are you feeling frustrated that you aren't fitting into your clothes? Is it impacting your confidence? Do you feel exhausted from the stresses of life?

At 1 Healthy Life, we develop fully customized programs to help reduce stress, increase energy and/or reduce weight. Each program slowly steps you through making small changes that can easily fit into even the busiest lifestyle.

How is coaching different from a nutritionist? This is a holistic program meaning we will get to the root causes of what is holding your back from making real changes in your health. Once root causes are identified, we will work together to put strategies in place to overcome these obstacles and sustain the change. Root causes can vary from eating the right foods at the right times to being unhappy in a relationship or at a job.

Could one session transform your life? Schedule an assessment consultation today! What do you have to lose?

Programs include:

  1. Fully customized program tailored to your specific health goals 
  2. Bi-weekly 60 minute one on one sessions where we will uncover the root causes that are holding you back 
  3. Specific meal recommendations/recipes 
  4. In between email support 
  5. Most importantly....Accountability


Initial Assessment

Please schedule a free consultation so we could discuss the program that is right for you


One month with Mina changed my life!

“After seeing Mina for only a month, I already saw results!  My daily digestive distress was nearly gone, I lost almost 10 lbs and I had so much more energy.  I didn't realize how much pain I was putting up with until it went away.  Thank God for Mina!”

 — Anthony P.

I couldn't believe when my doctor told me that I could reduce my medication!

“After 6 months with Mina, my heath was transformed.  Not only did I lose more weight than I could have imagined but since my health had improved so much, I was able to reduce the medication that I was taking.”

 — Georgia P.

I learned so much more than just what to eat...

“My coach taught me so much more than what to eat.  She taught me the strategies to overcome stress in a healthy way.  By doing it that way, I was then able to implement healthy eating and exercising easily.  As a busy executive, I thought this would take away from my family, but what I found is that Mina helped me to find time for myself AND my family all while still getting the work done.  ”

 — Elana G.