At 1 Healthy Life, we know Mom puts family first and herself last.  

We are here to put you first so that you can start feeling healthy, confident and sexy in your own skin again.   



3 programs to help a mom feel healthy and confident again...

wellness & nutrition coaching

Whether you're a new mom or a veteran mom, these programs focus on helping you reduce stress, increase energy and/or lose weight through simple, small step by step changes.  

pre & postnatal core restoration

Every fitness program is specifically designed to strengthen pre/post natal women's core.  Want to close your diastasis gap?  This is your program.  Want to stop peeing when you sneeze?  Look no further.   

nutrition & fitness combination

This is the quickest way to start feeling back to "your old self"...maybe even better!  Restoring your body physically + slowly converting to a healthier lifestyle will get you feeling confident in those skinny jeans again!  

“A little time with Mina goes a long way to change not only my own health but it has changed the way I care for my entire family.”