Starting over yet again...again

I found it extremely ironic that when I opened this blog, the last post was from nearly 6 months ago and it was entitled "Starting over yet again".  Well essentially right after I posted that we found out that my 7 month old (at the time) needed to have skull reconstructive surgery.  It was scary and ALL consuming.  Thankfully everything went perfectly and he is back to his "old" self!  

Here I from the fog that was 2016!  I'm willing myself to get back on track with my own health.  As postnatal nutrition and fitness specialist, you would think that I would have bounced right back after baby #2.  However, while I have all the tools and helping others to apply them, days keep ticking by for me to apply them to myself.  I'm like the hairdresser with permanently bad hair!  

When I went through my first health transformation in 2010, everyone kept asking me...."What are you doing?  You look great!".  It was hard to explain to everyone the small steps that were making all the difference.  The changes I made weren't one sweeping thing...there were so many little things that all added up to big changes.  

So this time I'm going to start documenting what I'm doing so that if people really want to follow along and do what I'm doing...they have it.  

First and foremost, I am dusting off my MuTu System.  This is seriously the BEST program out there for moms (both new and veteran) to start to get your pre-baby body back!  It is a holistic comprehensive program that steps you through how to restore your core the correct way!  BECAUSE...DON'T BE FOOLED...there are exercises that can make a weak core crunches, planks, and twists.   If you feel like you look pregnant, have chronic back pain, pee your pants EVER...just click the link and buy!  You'll thank me later.  

So this is where I will be starting.  And if you want to join me on a private Facebook group so we can go through this journey together, click here or check out the pinned post on my Facebook page.  

Starting over yet again

Here I am again...starting over.  For those of you who have been with me for a while know that health has been a journey for me.  I started as a high school athlete...morphed into a college sloth...transformed into a corporate ladder climber...thrown into motherhood...twice.  If you charted my health...weight, stress, sleep deprivation, would look like a roller coaster throughout the years.  As I sit here with my sleeping sons, I realized I'm in a place that is all too familiar: establishing a new routine in a new reality.

Something I've learned about myself over the years is when I have a healthy routine, keeping all my levers in check is easy.  I eat well.  Make time for myself.  Go to regular yoga classes.  However, when my routine is thrown off, it deters my health very easily.  Now that my littlest man is 5 months, we are starting to come up for air and it is time for me to get back at it.  Defining my newest normal and fitting a healthy lifestyle within it is critical but tough to do when I'm pulled in so many different directions.    

So here's my commitment to myself and anyone who reads this...I will do it again.  If not for myself, then for my mini-men because God knows that they are going to keep me on my toes.  As an older mom that just had a c section, I can feel how much harder it is to get up off the floor and how much harder it is to lift my 2 year old.  Not only do I want to be able to life my son with ease but I'm going to want to lift my grandchildren with ease too!

So please join me!  Starting September 15th, I will be posting my workouts in this blog.  If you need some motivation, join me!  If you want to be able to keep up with your kids' energy, join me! If you just need to tell someone you had a bad day and want to walk it off, join me!  Raising these kids definitely takes a village and who couldn't use a little extra support.  I hope to see you soon!

If this idea sounds good to you or if you have anything to add, leave a comment below.